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laura baddish nyc the baddish groupLaura Baddish is the Principal and Founder of the Baddish Group, a New York City public relations agency that specializes in bespoke strategy for food, beverage, and epicurean brands. Supported by her highly-specialized team, Laura has led her company to industry prominence by prioritizing client satisfaction. The Baddish Group has overseen a variety of successful campaigns. Satisfied clients include both products new to the market and established brand names.

The Baddish Group manages creative programs that shape and maintain high-quality messages to target consumers. Among the wider arsenal of techniques at its disposal, the agency often leverages traditional and social media, and ownable events. Laura also emphasizes strategic partnerships (including chef, designers, and celebrities). These key connections at virtually every level of industry can make all the difference.

As an industry thought leader, Laura exudes both energy and focus when elevating consumer products to iconic status. Laura began the Baddish Group to satiate her entrepreneurial streak, capitalizing on her extensive experience as the director of the PR division of a large firm. A committed leader, she draws from decades of industry experience to nurture a staff of equally dedicated and enthusiastic professionals. Now, fifteen years later, her company has grown and come to enjoy deep, loyal relationships with industry trendsetters and consumer  media (including the likes of Saveur, Bon Appétit, Food & Wine, and Cigar Afficiando).

Consider her work with Driscoll’s Berries. It can be difficult for companies to earn brand loyalty from customers for edible commodities like produce. To increase the number of consumers looking to purchase their berries by name, the Baddish Group created a program that would help Driscoll’s take ownership of National Strawberry Shortcake Day on June 14. Under Laura’s stewardship, the agency was able leverage relationships with respected members of the food community to win their endorsement as advocates and spokespersons. They then folded these instances of third-party approval into highly positive and visible media engagement. Ultimately, the program resulted in nearly hundreds of millions of media impressions. These results were bolstered by national and local media appearances by chefs and experts to spread excitement about National Strawberry Shortcake Day and Driscoll’s as the only real choice for consumers looking to celebrate the seasonal dessert. Compared to a similar effort made previously without the Baddish Group’s involvement, traffic to the National Strawberry Shortcake microsite on grew significantly.

With each successful campaign, Laura Baddish has further cemented her position as a foremost expert on improving awareness, reach, and penetration. Her passion for helping great products put their best foot forward empowers great products, under her direction, to hit the ground running. Her portfolio of work illustrates the extent to which she is capable of guiding brands to most effectively expand their customer base, enter new markets, outpace competition, and deliver on promises.

Specialty services include media relations, creating press materials, branded entertainment, social media marketing, sponsorships, and events.

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